The Cottage Home Child and Family Services in both the Residential and Family Support Services support families in times of difficulty and crisis.

In our Residential Services, we encourage the family to maintain and develop their parenting role – creating daily opportunities for parents to interact with their child such as attending appointments, supervision of homework and preparation of meals. The care team- in consultation with the family and the social work team- develop a Family Plan specific to that family. This Plan describes the type of support the family requires and sets agreed, achievable goals for the young person and their family. So while the young person is separated physically from the family home, the care team engages the family in the day to day life of the young person and supports continued contact with the family, where appropriate, in the family home.

In our Family Support Service, we endeavour to work with and support children and families in an inclusive, pro-active and creative way in their own communities. We recognise and build on their existing strengths and abilities and aim to provide effective and timely interventions that best meet their identified needs.