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Residential Services

Description of Service

Crann Carraig is in North Wicklow and The Drive is in South County Dublin. Both houses are located in quiet, residential community neighbourhoods. Both houses appear the same as other houses on the street and would not be easily recognised as a “care setting” – a factor very important for the young people residing there. All staff are qualified in Social Care and receive ongoing relevant training.

There are many situations when it’s necessary to provide residential care and services for young people away from their family home. These include:

  • Child abuse – emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect
  • Family Breakdown – addiction, homelessness, domestic violence, inability to parent
  • Behavioural Problems
  • Separated Children – children seeking asylum, trafficked children

Our multi discipline approach involves working in partnership with the young people, social workers, our own care professionals, families, the HSE and the community to plan the support needed for each individual in our care. We do this through planned defined interventions utilising individual care and placement plans agreed by all the relevant parties, including the young person, with clearly measured outcomes. Where possible and appropriate, we work towards the re-unification of families and we support ongoing dialogue with family members.

We help young people to develop key life skills, including cooking, budgeting, and self care and planning for the future. We provide young people with positive life experiences; we encourage their individual gifts and talents and promote a sense of self worth. We work with young people, not only to offer a secure residential service, but also to offer hope for the future and a positive way forward.


Our aim is to provide a safe, homely environment for young people. We aim to ensure that the emotional, physical and educational needs of the young person are met.

We aim to provide the young people in care with us all of the ordinary, everyday experiences that their peers are exposed to. They go to school, join clubs, play sports, go on holidays, have their friends and family to visit and even stay with them on occasion. During this time, we remain cognisant of their history and problems and help them to work through issues to plan for a positive future – either back with their families or in alternative after care. We aim to protect, enhance and heal relationships with the young person’s family and other significant people in their lives to ensure continuity after they leave care.